Blessings In The Air

It is physically impossible for someone to be upbeat and joyful all the time. My often cheerful demeanor, believe it or not, comes in spurts. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm forever happy -- but there are times when I'm utterly and ridiculously moody, grumpy, and just plain old burned out. Most of that moodiness comes from the latter. 

I am a one man show, and it's so very hard. Don't take this as a complaint because I love everything that I do, but there are times when I'm exhausted. However, I always remember my vision and my dream and I keep on pushing. I remember, "Beyoncé has the same 24 hours as I do".

Lately, I've been feeling like throwing in the towel, trying to figure out ways to cut corners, and dissatisfied with my work. When I expressed that concern with my niece on Sunday, she simply asked, "You're usually so excited about your work... your photography has been iffy lately, what's going on?" 

It was true. I'm huge on consistency and always putting out the best work. For about two weeks now, things (or so I felt) have been hit or miss. I shot an awesome wedding and an event where I know I could have done more. I think as a creative, there's always a certain level of "I Could Have Done Better" about our work. It happens.

I had some reflecting to do and some serious questions to ask myself. 

I realized that I needed a fresh frame of mind to relax and be inspired again. I needed a break. I'm a work-a-holic, I'm not afraid to admit that. On days that I'm not shooting, I'm behind my computer for atleast 15-17 hours daily checking email, blogging, on social media, or designing. I haven't been spending enough time doing what I really love, photography.

I believe whole-heartedly that God places amazing opportunities in front of you when you're ready and able to receive them. Positivity breeds positivity.

During my bout of moodiness, I felt stagnant, it was truly not a welcomed feeling. Once I was able to get out of that negative space, blessings began flowing steady. Just yesterday, I booked 5 brand new clients and found out some super amazing news that I can't wait to share.

I attribute that to nothing else other than being able to step out of myself to diagnose myself. It's so important for us to do. Stress, negativity, and success certainly don't mix. It's only when you're in a space of positive thoughts and inspiration that you're able to grab the blessings in the air.

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