A Bit of Gratitude

Starting any venture is seemingly impossible. Trust me, I know, but everything is possible. I've told you guys countless times before how I started my photography business and what inspired me to take my talent seriously. I never, however, told you how incredibly hard it was (and still is) to find myself in this industry.

When I first started out, I had no guidance what so ever. All I had was an unswerving desire to photograph anything that I could. I needed a website, an accountant, a lawyer, a budget, a business plan... should I continue? For the first year and a half I went without all of those things ... OH! I didn't even have a camera. I bought a point-and-shoot and started learning the basics. 3 months later I bought my first DSLR and started portfolio building by offering free (or next to free) sessions to my family and friends.

I was completely lost and had no idea where to start.

"... you should have a mentor or someone to look up to in every phase of your life."

The first photographer that I looked up to was the amazingly talented, Amanda Brendle over at Amanda Brendle Photography. She was my only friend at the time doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. Her work was AMAZING and whatever she was doing was working for her.

Check her out on her blog, Amanda Brendle Photography Blog.

I've never even told Amanda, not even before writing this post, how much she inspired me to continue to be great. I met her during our time as members of the ECU Marching Pirates. She's taught me so much without even knowing. What resonated with me the most was the fact that I knew her during the time that she was making it all happen. She was like me -- an 'average' person, with a love for photography and an extraordinarily big heart. Not only is she an amazing photog, she's also one of the most kind-hearted and creative people that I know. Such a beautiful soul.

Thank you Amanda for showing me that even I could make my dreams come true. Thank you for your guidance, whether you knew it or not. I hope to be as phenomenal as you are one day. Although I've become fans of many other photographers since I've started, you remain my favorite.

It's only fitting that I end this post with a portrait of me by the one and only Amanda! She's the official photographer of the ECU Marching Pirates. Arrrrrgh!

Smiles + Happiness,


Bryant Tysonpersonal