25 Years Old | Happy Birthday To Me


You all know that I love Instagram, so I went through and pulled pictures from each month of the last year! I'm #selfieking! Some of you refused to take selfies with me so I don't have pictures of everyone (... cough, mom, Tequilla and Tonia!), but most of you are covered. I'm missing my mom, older sisters, Che'lynn, Catie, Tauri, my brother, and several others. 
It's so very hard to believe that I'm 25 today! Wow.

We go through so many things every year. 24 was filled with so much joy, good laughs, smiles, happiness, TOO much money spent -- but most importantly, it was spent with the people that I love the most. All of you aren't pictured, but you all mean the world to me. 

25 is a mile-stone it's a 1/4 of a century. That's so scary, but I'm so young at the same time. Through God, I've accomplished so much and still have so much more to accomplish. I pray that my passion for life, love, happiness and success continues to grow!

Today isn't about just me... it's also a celebration of you, a celebration of our relationships, a celebration on making it together, a celebration of growth, a celebration of love, a celebration of happiness, a celebration of passion for life, a celebration of life and the great things and faces that come along with it. Without you I would go insane. Thank you for growing with me. I pray for 25 to be even greater than 24, and through God's grace -- 26 will be PHENOMENAL.
Until Next Time

Smiles + Happiness,
Bryant Tysonpersonal