After the success of last week's post and realizing how much I enjoyed putting together those looks, I had the strong urge to post more later on during the week -- I had only posted two outfits last week and had so much more to share. I talked myself out of it to stay true to the theme.

So this week, to feel more fulfilled with the post, I decided to do three outfits for guys and three for the ladies. I thought it would be easy, but I spent about 15 hours total putting these together. On monday I started looking for pieces and felt uninspired, so I threw everything out. Yesterday, I started again and it took until around 3:30 this morning for me to realize that I didn't like any of the pieces that I pulled. So I woke up today -- with fresh eyes -- and came up with these outfits. 

Needless to say, I don't think I'll be posting more than one outfit for the rest of this series. 

I hope you all like them and can find something that will inspire your look for your shoot. 
Denim! Denim! Denim! (... try saying that 5 times fast) + Black! Denim always photographs so beautifully. You can get most of these looks at H&M Online. They have a sale going on right now until June 6th for 30% off your entire order!

I recently discovered Tillys and Urban Outfitters and I'm sold. They have the best Tees, Tanks and Accessories for men. Plus Urban Outfitters has their Basic Shirts for 2 for $30 and Tanks for 2 for $28! I found the Mickey shirt last week and knew I had to include it in the post for this week.

Patterned Tank x H&M // Denim Jacket x H&M // Tan Shorts x Urban Outfitters // Loafers x Aldo Shoes // Denim Shorts x H&M // Rezetto Sneakers x Aldo Shoes // Globe Flight Tank Top x Urban Outfitters // Gold Watch x Urban Outfitters // Levi's White Jeans x Levi's // Mickey Floral Shirt x NEFF // Round Technotronic Sunglasses x Spitfire // Blazer x H&M // Adidas ADI M.C. Low Sneakers x Adidas