April + Caleb : Greenville NC Wedding

The long path to the wedding venue provided each of the guests and loved ones with excitement and anticipation -- they've been waiting for this day for a lifetime. The sweltering heat and threat of oncoming storms wasn't enough to stop this beautiful couple from finally heralding their love for each other in front of all of their loved ones.

She walked into her fiancee's family home -- now her family home -- as cool and calm as she could. The family pool room, where she was getting dressed, was perfectly illuminated by the golden sun from the large bay windows. She was so beautiful and radiant! She joked with the makeup artist. Shandi, on how she wouldn't cry. Under her cool facade, April was nervous, excited and -- if nothing else -- ready to marry the man who unexpectedly took her heart 6 years ago.

He too was nervous, but wouldn't show any signs, as he and his best friend / best man got dressed at their apartment. His best man, Matt, should be a comedian. During times he wouldn't smile during pictures Matt would say something to make him burst into laughter. As time grew on, his facade had been broken down -- you could clearly see that Caleb was ready to tell April, in front of all of their guests, that he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her.

Thank you April and Caleb for inviting me into your family to celebrate your love and tell your story!

April's dress was unique, modern and beautiful. I've never seen one like it! It's a complete representation of her impeccable style.

Father of the bride waiting to give away his daughter.

The groom waiting for the ceremony to begin. I think he was nervous.

Everything about the bride was stunning! I've known April since high school and she been a really good friend of mine. Seeing her in her dress for the first time was emotional, but I had to hold it together and do my job. Lol.

This moment was truly touching. Tears of joy!

The venue was beautifully decorated in blue, purple, green and peacock feathers -- meticulously planned by Unveiled Creations.

"Go where your best prayers take you"

- John Bunyan

First Kiss!

The Reception

To the AMAZING team who made the entire day possible. Your work was beautiful!

Wedding Venue: Caleb's Family Home

Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Shandi

Rentals/Tent: ASAP Rentals

Cake: Sweet Memories, LLC

DJ: DJ B Paiz

Catering: Selections Entertainment

Decor: Unveiled Creations

Wedding Photography: Bryant Tyson Photography

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