Greenville Grooves New Music Festival

Today was pretty awesome to say the least. I had a great time hanging out with my friends. I don't get out often, or have too much free time to get out -- so it just felt good to catch up!

Here's are a few of the highlights from my day: 

1. I officially secured the spot for the wedding that I'm shooting next weekend. It's going to be amazing, the bride happens to be a good friend of mine so I'm so excited to capture her day. 

2. One of my best friends, Stephanie, is here visiting for the weekend so she came to spend time with me. We hung out and laughed the entire day. 

3. I had a Senior Portrait Consultation with one of the Senior Reps that I will be working with this year. She's super amazing and we're planning on going to the beach to shoot her session. It's going to be so much fun.

4. I got to eat at Panera... AND we got 99 cent pastries! 

5. I'm planning on doing a bit of crafting before the week is over. I bought 2 18x24 painting canvases from AC Moore... they were on sale for $9!!! Stephanie is as big of a DIY fanatic as I am, so we went thrifting for a few pair of jeans for her to turn into distressed shorts. I found it shocking that she was able to buy 3 pair of jeans for only $10. WHO KNEW?!

6. The Town of Greenville introduced the New Music Festival called Greenville Grooves -- a celebration of African American Music Appreciation Month. It was fun for the few moments that we were able to enjoy it -- Mother Nature threw a violent tantrum which ruined our plans of spending at least another hour out. I did, however, get a few pictures.

7. I met Scamp from the Disney film,

Lady and the Tramp

! Well... one can dream -- but this dog reminded me of Scamp so I had to get a few quick shots.

There were so many other ridiculous and random things that happened today, but these are the ones that stick out. After several weeks of dedicating solely to business, it felt great to get out and enjoying the company of others. I need to take more mini vacations.

Until Next Time

Smiles + Happiness,