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Who Said It Was Easy?

Everyday I'm falling more and more in love with my business. I simply love having the ability to be my own boss and wake up everyday to do what I love doing -- or finding new ways to continue doing what I love doing. However, it's no easy feat.

During my last trip to the optometrist, I had a conversation with my doctor about life after graduation. This was the first time I've been back since graduation. We chatted for about 20 minutes during my exam -- it was very insightful. Some of his last words before we parted ways and I was left to pick out my new frames was,
"Owning your own business is rewarding in it's own right, but you will work 10 times harder for yourself than you'll ever work for anyone else."
That really struck a chord with me. It was a very true statement that I hadn't considered, or even fully thought about.

I wear a lot of hats. I'm my own publicist, accountant, writer, blogger, assistant, designer -- need I continue? I'm a photographer -- I love it -- but only about 10% of my job is photography, the other 90% is actually owning the business. I love every second of it.

It's rewarding to sit back -- after a long day of hard work -- and look at how much you've accomplished by yourself. Of course, I wouldn't seek my own legal advice -- but there are tons of things that I can do, and enjoy doing, by myself.

There are times where I get a bit burned out, there are times where I feel like throwing in the towel -- but through it all, I'm fulfilled in my venture as an owner. My advice to anyone who is looking to start their own business -- whatever it may be -- is simple.

  1. Learn to love all of your opportunities to learn new things. 
  2. Realize that nothing worth having is easily obtainable. 
  3. Be innovative. Be creative. 

Figure out what works for you and run with that. Stay on your feet and be innovative. Provide your clients with a unique experience that they will love. Consistently research your craft. If you're feeling comfortable, you're doing something wrong. Love every aspect of what you do. It's not going to be easy but keep at it. I love it and I know all of you will too. 

Smiles + Happiness,