Three Birds One Stone

I woke up this morning planning to knock out another blog design -- just because-- and get out to meet some new faces for the 100 Faces Project that I'm doing. Redesigning and completely overhauling my site was NOT, however, on that list of tasks for today.

But, it's me we're taking about here. I'm way too spontaneously!

If you've been following my business then you know I had three different sites -- one for my blog, one for the Bryant Tyson Photography website and a Boudoir site. Way too much to keep up with. I'm working on minimizing my workflow and decided to tone down the amount of things that I have to update... because, let's face it, something will get neglected.

I was reading a few articles online and decided that I no longer wanted to have the burden of continuously updating three different sites and decided to put them all in one place. It can be a bit confusing sending clients to three different sites when they want to book you. I've imported all of the important information from my dedicated site. SO.... WELCOME TO MY NEW "BLOGSITE"! I started working on this a little earlier today -- after a random design I did this morning -- and it's finished and I'm so very proud of the way it turned out.

It's in the beta stages and I will be updating it a bit more over the next few weeks... but all in all it's ready for use.
Here's a rough draft that I marked up in Photoshop before I started designing. It came out a bit like this... Not really. 

And of course, here's the finalized version that you guys are viewing right NOW! 

I know you're all probably thinking,
"this guy is forever changing his blog layout!"
Well yeah... I'm trying to learn a LOT more about web-design, I teach myself everything, so why not experiment on my own site. Hehe. I hope you like it. | Greenville NC Photographer

Smiles + Happiness,

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