One of Those Days | Music Of The Day

Am I the only one who has days where my mood shifts every 20-30 minutes? Don't lie. We all do. Well today was one of those days. I've been through a range of emotions today and my patience for almost everything was slim to none.

I probably shouldn't be complaining when I have so many positive opportunities going on right now -- but hey... nobody is perfect. 

Today, I was contracted to design a blog template for a celebrity hair stylist from Atlanta, my very first paid design op, so I spent the entire day working on that. Although I was excited for the onset of new clients and a potential new business venture, I found myself slightly aggravated from any interaction with other people. 

I hate feeling like that. I know how brash I can be when I'm aggravated -- which is very seldom -- so I had to make sure to catch myself before I let things reach that point. This may be the beginning of what I think to be the development of cabin fever... I've been in the house and behind a computer for hours and hours on end since Friday. 

When I'm feeling any type of way, I always listen to music. Music is certainly my refuge and it always has the ability to make me feel a lot better about any negative or undesirable feelings I'm having. So needless to say, I turned to music to help me calm my life today. It worked -- I'm stable as opposed to that volatile person I was earlier today. 

Here's my 20 Recently Played Songs from my iTunes Library.
Burn - Meek Mill ft. Big Sean
La La La La - Ari Lennox
Fortunate - Maxwell
Blame Game - Kanye West ft. John Legend
Hold On, We're going Home - Drake
Nobody's Business - Rihanna ft. Chris Brown
Lemonade - Danity Kane ft. Tyga
Lost Ones - Lauryn Hill
Heaven - Jay-Z
Fumble - Trey Songs
Money Trees - Kendrick Lemar ft. Jay Rock
I Care - Beyonce
Is Anybody Listening - Danity Kane
Blow - Beyonce
Never Let Me Down - Kanye West
Show Stopper - Danity Kane
Right Now - Danity Kane
Want It - Danity Kane
For The First Time - John Legend
Outro - Ari Lennox

I'm so thankful for an amazing iTunes Library for allowing me to get back to me. 

Smiles + Happiness, 
Bryant Tysonpersonal