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Lately, I'm feeling a bit unorganized and I've been having this unnerving feeling of complacency. Business has been moving so rapidly as I'm booking more and more sessions, which is a good thing but I'm not seeing exactly where all of my time is going.

While in undergrad I learned how important it is to set goals and to-do lists for yourself. I got to the point where I was doing them weekly or bi-weekly -- I felt like I was accomplishing so much more because I could actually see and feel fulfilled with what I had successfully crossed off my lists. Some people set New Years Resolutions -- I simply can't. I found that as December 31st was approaching that I hadn't completed any of those goals. We seem to put off things that we feel we have enough time to complete -- only to eventually end up not doing them at all.

I've decided to start setting weekly goals for myself and share them with you all. Maybe I can inspire someone to do it for themselves.

It doesn't matter how you do them or what your intervals are, just do it. So, here goes.

Goals | May 12th - May 18th, 2014

  • Go running at least three times this week
  • Work on healthy eating habits
  • Drink more water
  • Send resume to at LEAST three different places
  • Give less excuses
  • Wake up at 8 AM each day
  • Get out more
  • Start photography project (more information soon)
  • Update budget and Loss and Profit worksheets
  • Update Product and Design Guide
  • Post AT LEAST three blog posts this week
  • Blog at least one Graduation Sessions
  • Update website information
  • Clean out mailing lists
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