Introducing: #WhatToWearWednesdays

Remember that series of Frequently Asked Questions that I did a few months back? Well... it sparked an idea for a sub series of post that I decided to do. 

One of the most common questions that I get from excited clients about their sessions is, "well... what should I wear" or "we are totally lost on what we should wear, do you have any suggestions?". So, to aid in helping address these questions -- I've decided to put together outfits and weekly inspiration boards to help you all with ideas for looks for your sessions.

Now, I'm not a fashion stylist by any means, but I do know what looks and photographs great -- and after years and years of playing the Sims... I feel qualified to give you all fashion tips! So without further ado.... 

WELCOME to #WhatToWearWednesdays!
With Senior Portrait Session on the brink of the horizon -- we ALL know how important it is to look and feel your best during this time.

I've put together two outfits -- one for guys and one for ladies -- that are perfect for the hot summer days we're going to be experiencing this summer. I mean, it's May and we are already having temps in the upper 80s and low 90s.

It was only fitting for my first #WTWW (WhatToWearWednesday) post to feature one of my favorite places to shop. Almost all of the pieces can be found at H&M Online, with the exception of a few.
You can never ever go wrong with black and white stripes, beige and converses!

B+W Striped Shirt x H&M // Dark Beige Shorts x H&M // Arm Candy x Aldo Shoes // Shades x Aldo Shoes // Shoes x Converse!

Black + White with a little bit of color.

Short Top x H&M // Pencil Skirt x Kai-Aakmann // Sandalettes x H&M // Earrings x H&M // Bracelet x H&M // Clutch x Kevin Spade

I hope you guys like these looks. Let me know what you think. Also, for more fashion ideas check out my What To Wear Board on Pinterest. My goal is to help you all feel and look as amazing as you are... I hope you find these posts helpful. 

Until Next Time
Smiles + Happiness,