Ijienay | Prom 2014

This week I'm finally getting the chance to post the Prom Minis that I shot a few weeks back. Prom is such a great time for these young adults. I remember my prom just like it was yesterday -- and all of the planning it took to pull off the look. Let's face it, that is the most important part about prom for most people. Getting all dressed up to look and feel amazing. I'm so honored for the privilege to shoot these Rock the Dress Sessions. I will be posting one of these a day for the rest of the week.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my steppers, Ijienay, for her Prom Photos! She stepped out of the car simply gorgeous. As we walked to our shooting location, right behind Starlight Cafe in Greenville, NC, the patrons cheered and complimented her and her friend Malaisha -- whose session I will be posting tomorrow -- on how beautiful they looked. A perfect touch to the red carpet experience that I wanted to provide for them. Check these out.

It was so hard to get Ijienay not to smile for these. Her bubbly personality limits her to only cheeky smiles. 

GORGEOUS. I can't say gorgeous enough! 

Smiles + Happiness,