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What's up everybody? So I felt like doing a little bit of painting today. I didn't have any brushes so I took the kindergarten approach and finger painted.
I wanted to do something black and white and thought it would be cool to attempt to do a fading effect. Here's what I came up with. It's not perfect but that's what I like the most about it. 
I had some black and white paint left over from a pendant that I made for a friend, Tauri, who just crossed Kappa Kappa Psi this Spring. I use My Studio Acrylic Craft Paint for every project. I like the brand and the matte effect it has when it dries. You can find this paint at AC Moore or Micheals'. When they're on sale they're about 75 cents per bottle. 
I usually use plastic shopping bags to pour paint on when I'm painting because it's non-porous and the paint doesn't seep through. They're hard to work with because the bags are constantly shifting -- so I was too excited that we had paper trays that I could use. 
I simply blended three tones -- black, white and a grey (by mixing black and white) -- as you can see from the photos above.
Here's what it looked like after the first layer. 
 I started to blend the layers together by applying the paint directly to the canvas... using my fingers to blend the colors together.
I had the brilliant idea to try add a streak of red paint across for a splash of color. Needless to say, I hated it. So I thought that maybe adding splotches other colors would give it a paint splatter look... I hated it even more. There goes a wasted canvas -- or so I thought. 

The good thing about these types of projects is that no mistakes are final. Yes, it's frustrating. Yes, it's going to take a bit more work -- but everything can be fixed. That was my mini life lesson for today.

I decided to go back and correct what I had done by adding a few more coats of both black and white to the canvas, re-applied the middle section and I was done. It looked even better than before.
After you're finished, your hands may look something like this.

These are great for decorating your walls and of course, complementing your wall portraits. It's cheap and easy to do. The paint cost me about $2.50 and the 11x14 canvases come in sets of 2 and only cost $6.50. You'll spend less than $10 on home decor and have a bit of fun. If you have kids, you could even get them involved and hang them up with your gallery wrapped canvases or framed storyboards. It's a win win!

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