Craving Coldstone Cake + Cake Batter

I've always been the type of person to -- if something or anything is bothering me -- fix whatever it is. I'm my own Olivia Pope, so to speak. So regardless, I was getting out of the house today!

I had been feeling really moody and figured that I had been having cabin fever. Literally, I've been in the house for days without even stepping one foot outside. So much so that I had been in a bad mood for the longest. I knew that I had to get out today and be less of an introvert. I just had no idea what to do. Luckily, I was reminded because I totally forgot that I had plans to hang out with one of my best friends, Chav, today -- he finally had a day off work. We spoke last week about going to get some ice cream from Coldstone since it's been a while since either one of us had any. There's not much to do here in Greenville, NC eating is pretty customary. I have nothing against that. I love good food. 

It was so nice out today that I even got to wear my denim jacket -- it's been so hot in the ENC that I hadn't had the opportunity to wear it. 

This is the before and after of my treat! I usually get their Cake Batter Ice Cream, with buttery cake pieces and strawberries. It's so good! So so so so so very good. If you love strawberry shortcakes, then you'll love this... it's 10 times better. I was slightly upset because as I was trying to take these pictures of my ice cream it began melting... I mean really melting all over the table. The photo above is just a small portion of what really happened. I had to run back inside to get a handful of napkins to clean up some of the mess.

By the time I reached the bottom, it was Cake Batter Soup! It was still amazing, however.

I caught a few pictures of Chav when first diving in to his ice cream. I forgot what he ordered.

After visiting 5 Below (one of my favorite stores in Greenville), being completely immature in Barnes and Noble and doing a little shopping in Rue 21 at the mall... We decided to go to the park, well I decided to go to the park, to get some more pictures. It just reminded me how much I love shooting during the Golden Hour (an hour before the sunsets)... it's the perfect time to take pictures. Look at the glow from the sun... utterly amazing.

I even tried to get in a few selfies... well, I tried. These will always be the results of attempting selfies with a 50 mm lens and a hand held DSLR -- especially when you have short arms like I do. You can see from my expression in these how much of a struggle it was.

Anyway, today was fun. I'm so glad to get out of the house and getting back to me.

Smiles + Happiness,


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