Introducing Project Be-You-tiful

I've been shy my entire life. As a little boy I was incredibly soft spoken to those who I didn't know and it always took me time to warm up to people and show them who I really am. You'd think by age of 24 that I would have grown out of that. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

As far back as I can remember, I've always been envious of my nephew and his ability to interact and connect with others. He has an infectious personality -- and although I do as well -- he has the natural ability to walk up to any random person and strike a conversation. That's just something I could not do.

Well... it's something that I am uncomfortable doing. I think a lot of us struggle from this.

Interacting and connecting with others and learning their stories is such a beautiful thing. I am inspired by the stories of others and how they view happiness. It's what life is all about. How silly is it to deprive myself of something just because I'm not comfortable doing it.

Since I started shooting again, back in 2011, I've been wanting to start a photography project -- or challenge. I've had several photografriends to do the 365 and 30 days of photos challenges. Those are great challenges but I wanted to do something personal and something that would allow me to break out of my comfort zone and interact with complete strangers. That's when I ran across the 100 Strangers Photography Project.

I found a Flickr community dedicated solely to this challenge and thought it would be amazing to do. The foundation for this project is "learning by doing" and developing each and every participants' photojournalism skills. This project -- for me -- is all about showcasing the beauty in our unique paths and sharing that story with others. I'm seeking to meet 100 people and do just that.

Follow me as I attempt to tell these stories! Buckle up, this should be interesting.

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