3 Favorite Parts of Shooting A Wedding

Weddings are simply beautiful. It's so amazing to see two people totally in love with each other, sharing their vows and committing to each other for the rest of their lives together. I think to share that connection with someone is truly the most special and momentous event in our lives.

A friend of mine asked me why I liked shooting weddings so much and, of course, I went on for about 15 minutes about weddings -- so today, I decided to post my 3 favorite parts of photographing a wedding. Although I think the entire day is important and beautiful, there are parts that I absolutely love capturing and here's why. 

The Details

I believe that every couple works incredibly hard coming up with the small details that make up the bigger picture. Each couple spends hours and hours either designing, or working with a designer, to create the mood for their special day. Everything down to the colors, table pieces, lights, the rings, wedding dress, shoes, cake, flower arrangements and venue have been meticulously planned to create the atmosphere for a beautiful and unique wedding.

The Couple

I know you're thinking, "Well Bryant, you're a wedding photographer... I'd hope that you enjoy photographing the couple!"... It's easy to take a picture of two people, but I love capturing the special moments they share with each other -- the look in their eyes, the way they hold each other, their reactions to events during the day and simply how they relate and connect with each other is truly beautiful. To have the opportunity to capture the way they love each other is utterly amazing.

The Guests

Couples hire photographers to shoot their weddings to simply have and hold the memories from that day for the rest of their lives and beyond. They love to look back on their wedding day and reconnect with those emotions forever. They also love looking back and remembering who they shared their special day with -- so I like photographing their guests for two reasons alone:

// everyone is so happy and full of smiles at weddings

// I love photographing happy people... xD! It gets more people in front of my lens

I have worked and worked to redesign my wedding workflow to make sure that I photograph each and every guest that attended the wedding for the couple.

Each and every wedding offers me a unique love story to capture. These moments are what make each wedding special -- the planning, the love story and the couples connection and the people they love the most. I'm truly blessed to have a job that allows me to allow others to relive these moments forever. If I don't stop now, I'll go on and on for the next hour so....

Until next time

Smiles + Happiness,