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I think I'm getting old. Every weekend since my freshman year at ECU, I've made it a habit to get out and enjoy the weekends. Typical of any college student. Now that I've graduated, I find that I've slowly but surely become a homebody. During my off time, instead of spending time at the mall or hanging out with friends, I much rather spend time at home (or in someone else's home) watching a movie or scrolling through my social feeds and blogging.  I just rather relax instead of constantly moving.

Needless to say, this weekend was amazing! Guess what I did?
Absolutely NOTHING!
After my beach plans fell through, I scoured through my iPhone contacts for plans for Saturday - to no avail.

On Saturday morning, the step team that I coach had a performance at the Dogwood Festival in Farmville. It was a rewarding experience because I've been wanting to get them to perform there for YEARS now - so it feels great to finally do. I'm so proud of this group of young ladies, they put their all into their performance, I even joined them on stage for the first time this year.

That only took a subatomic portion of my day, however.

After the performance I went home and went back to bed. I was worn out! Once I woke up from my much needed nap, I decided to channel some of my energy into designing some blog templates. I spent the rest of my day (and night) Saturday and Sunday working.

I'm utterly addicted. I toyed around with different layouts, moods, colors and was able to create two beautiful designs.

Light Muse

bryant tyson photography greenville nc photographer blog design blogger template free 1
I designed this layout for photographers who want a beautiful and simple layout to showcase their work. Check it out live, here.

Burnt Summers

bryant tyson photography greenville nc photographer blog design blogger template free 2
This design took me out of my comfort zone of open layout to a more traditional design. I added a slideshow for your instagram feed as well as designed custom search boxes. I wanted this layout to feel warm and inviting and the color scheme reminded me of a summer evening. Check it out live, here.

I am so proud of they way these layouts ended up looking. I'm super excited to delve further into design others. Although my weekend didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, I'm thrilled to find a great use of my time by doing something that I'm growing to love to do. I'm currently looking for ways to share these with others, so if you have any ideas please let me know!

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