Farewell April

Dear April,

I'm so overwhelmed with joy just thinking how much we've grown together. 

Thank you for providing me with a period of reflection and self-analysis and for allowing me to truly experience joy. Although scary and uncertain, it's been phenomenal! As each day passes I find myself realizing more and more about myself, who I truly am and what I'm destined to be. My journey is different from those of others, and that's fine. I'm content with the onset of originality - for loving my flaws is the rewarding and burdensome task of true happiness. I'm elated about the possibilities for tomorrow, as we never know what each day will present. I accept it all.

Thank you for allowing me to reconnect with the little things that I loved and helping me get back to the basics. As I sit and think on March, I realize I'm truly blessed. Everything happens for a reason - those reasons are now apparent. You've forced me to break down walls of arrogance, pride, selfishness and comfort and allowed me to experience freedom. You've shown me how much I'm loved - not only by family and friends, but by those not as close to me. I am so appreciative for my talents and my ability to inspire and help others. Thank you for allowing me to allow others to help me.

You are my muse. You've allowed me to remove distractions from life and have allowed me to concentrate on what I love the most (my art). You've allowed me to step from behind the lens and focus on creativity. I felt so uninspired before you. The time off has allowed me to research, read and effectively execute. You've inspired me more than you will ever know.

Farewell April and farewell to the me of yesterday. Thank you for being by my side - regardless of how hard-headed I can be. I hope May is as amazing as you. 

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