By Complete Chance

This weekend has been eventful, to say the least.

On Thursday night, excited that my niece was coming to visit for Spring Break, I traveled to Fayetteville to pick her up from the train station! She's like one of my best friends so it's always fun spending time with her and catching up. Friday, I was asked to shoot photos of my cousin and her boyfriend for their Military Ball. They wanted some professional shots of the two of them, so I was thrilled to do it. I will be blogging those later this week.

When my niece, Kaylah, was still living here she would always come with me on my shoots to assist. I'm bummed to not have her here now because she's such a huge help AND she's learned to do makeup contouring and I could certainly benefit from that now! I absolutely love having her around because she always has great ideas for poses. We feed off each others creativity. I believe that women have better attention to detail than us guys, so she catches everything! Needless to say, she was more than willing to come along for the ride.

So here I am, about to start shooting. As always, I take a few test shots to make sure all of my settings are right. I tell Kaylah that I'm about to take a test shot of her, she looks over her shoulder and I snap the photo below. Quickly, I scanned the image to make sure everything looked fine and I started shooting my session. 

Later that night, I get home after hanging out with some of my fraternity brothers. I begin editing and saw how gorgeous this image was. I'm always on my niece about her facial expressions and how to convey emotion in a portrait. She nailed this look. Somebody has been working! She's an aspiring model and has been taking classes as John Casablanca's Modeling and Talent School in Atlanta since she's moved. She was even offered a job there. Let me reiterate that this photo is GORGEOUS and goes to show that sometimes your best work comes forth when you put little or no effort in at all. 

kaylah tyler bryant tyson photography beautiful shot
kaylah tyler bryant tyson photography beautiful shot

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