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Bryant Tyson Photography Greenville NC Photographer Session Fees FAQ frequently asked questions

Hello everyone,

In an aim to help educate potential clients on the way things work during their Bryant Tyson Photography experience, I've decided to do a series of posts to answer some my most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). I want each and every one of my potential clients to be well informed on what to expect before, during and after their sessions. 

The most common question that I get from each and every one of my clients is, "What is included in the session fee?". This is actually one of my favorite questions because it gives me the opportunity to share why I love to shoot. Answering this question also gives both me and potential clients the opportunity to determine if I am a perfect match for their portrait needs. On top of that, people want to know what they're paying for and are willing to invest in their memories when they know how much time, creativity and planning goes into their session. 

What I love the most about what I do is that each portrait session is custom. Creating art from your life story requires time. Custom portraiture is unique to each person, as each individual life story is unique. I pride myself on capturing moments that are unique and genuine to each family. This results from taking the time to get to know and engage clients prior to shooting, I've found that most of my current clients have quickly become friends of mine. I enjoy spending time finding ways to incorporate the big and small aspects of your life into your portrait sessions. Everything from location, props, color, clothing and poses are taken into consideration based on personal preferences when planning out each photo shoot. I make sure to capture each client in their best light by choosing poses that are flattering, helping to plan and coordinate outfits and by simply being there to offer advice on what to include in their sessions. My ultimate goal is to capture your memories so well that when you look back on your portraits decades from now, you can remember what was and is important to you and your family during that time and most importantly your happiness together. 

Investment in custom portraiture is much greater than that of chain and department store style sessions. Portraits done at department store locations are the same for every person who walks in their doors and are most times, stressful. When hiring a photographer to do custom work, you are not just paying a "sitting fee" to commission someone behind a tripod, who probably doesn't even own their own professional equipment, to release a shutter. You are investing in an artists time and talent to capture you, the subject, in a creative light. I've worked at a chain photography studio and was very unfulfilled because I felt that my creativity was being stifled. I was simply handed a book of poses and told to recreate the same 60 images for each client. I was told by one of my managers that, "... saying you're a photographer and working here is like saying you're a chef and working at McDonalds." Hate is such a strong word, but I hated it. I much prefer the opportunity to be able to interact with my clients and being invited into their lives to capture what's important to them. 

Before each session, I invest 5-6 hours in session coordination, client consultations, emailing and planning your story. After each custom portrait session with a client, I spend an additional 6-8 hours color correcting, editing and preparing your custom images and presenting your gallery; plus additional time designing and preparing images and products to be ordered, receiving and delivering your products. A typical time investment is between 15-20 hours for each custom portrait session. To ensure that your portraits are as stunning as previous clients, I am continuously attending workshops and classes, investing in new equipment, investing in production cost and business expenditures. I enjoy every minute of it. 

In short, all clients pay a session fee to commission me for my time and talent in capturing your memories. Session fees do not include prints or products, unless included during a promotion. If your order is placed during the Session Premiere, clients will receive the up to $100 Print Credit included with the session type, which is taken off your total product order. Click here to view different session types! To reserve a session, 1/2 of the session fee is paid up front, the remainder is due 2 days prior to the session. All session fees are non-refundable. If you need to cancel your sessions, please let me know as soon as you can. Your session fee may be reapplied to a rescheduled future date.