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Hello again everyone!

In an aim to help educate potential clients on the way things work during their Bryant Tyson Photography experience, I've decided to do a series of posts this week to answer some of my most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). I want each and every one of my potential clients to be well informed on what to expect before, during and after their sessions. 

Today is only day three of my FAQ post and it's been exciting to be able to go into great detail in answering these questions! If you missed the other posts this week check them out. FAQ | Session Fees and FAQ | Digital Files

Today's post is a touchy one for some people. However, it needs to be covered. I think when we all work with photographers we often wonder, "Can you Photoshop out my [insert haunting blemish/breakout/"problem" area here]". Let's be honest, we all have them. Poles apart, we also have areas that may seem, to anyone else, as less than perfect that we love. 

I shot an editorial session with one of the local rap artist here in Greenville, NC last summer. He had an interview with Swaggo Magazine and needed updated photos to submit. I was way excited and honored at being asked to shoot his photos for him and at the prospect of being published. I had such a great time on the shoot. Afterwards, I loaded the photos into Lightroom and began my normal post-processing workflow. Correcting color, sharpening, adding SLIGHT effects, removing blemishes, etc. Once I delivered the photos to him, he loved them but asked, "Why do I look like that. I don't really look like myself." Immediately I knew what he meant, I had removed almost every single one of his blemishes and removed the creases under his eyes, both of which he loved. He wasn't upset, but I felt terrible.

I said all of that to say that, we are all conditioned to a certain standard of perfection and that some features are more beautiful than others. I never go overboard on retouching since I believe in only enhancing natural beauty as opposed to creating something more perfect than it truly is. So yes, I do retouch my photos with the goal of having you look back at your portraits years from now and seeing your real self as opposed to this false perception of perfection. We should celebrate the things that makes us different than others because we're all perfectly imperfect. 
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