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Bryant Tyson Photography Greenville NC Photographer Session Fees FAQ frequently asked questions
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In an aim to help educate potential clients on the way things work during their Bryant Tyson Photography experience, I've decided to do a series of posts this week to answer 7 of my most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). I want each and every one of my potential clients to be well informed on what to expect before, during and after their sessions. 

This is the second day of FAQ posts this week, if you missed yesterday's post on Session Fees, check it out. 

Today, I'm answering another common question that I get from almost all of my potential clients. Most of my clients ask in different variations, "Do you sell CD/DVD/Flash Drives with digital files?" ONLY offering digital files is popular among photographers who are just starting out because it's a simple "business" model. It's easy to shoot a session, head home, edit the raw files, convert them to jpeg format, burn them on a CD and put them in the mail. However, it's a huge disservice to clients. I was guilty of being a "shoot and burn" photographer until the end of my first year. I was also a less experienced photographer and didn't fully understand how much my clients were lacking what they truly wanted. 

When I first started out, I did a family session for one of my friends, during a visit months after our session together I noticed she didn't have any of the images on display. I asked and got, "Oh. They're still on the CD, I posted a few online but I'll get them printed at some point." I began to wonder how many of my clients actually had their portraits printed after our sessions together. Surely we don't invest money into having someone capture our pretty faces and leave those images on a CD forever. Even I have portrait CDs from sessions in the past and to this day I still haven't had them printed. Obviously an image looks exponentially better on your desk or wall than in a digital file on a CD. 

At that point, I hadn't even considered the quality if they had gone to have them printed. The quality of prints that I offer and prints done at local places like Wal-mart and Walgreens are on far ends of the quality spectrum. I could go into a whole spill about color correction, screen calibration and color profiles but that often results in confused clients and blank stares. In short, professional photographers match their professional labs print settings when editing images. 

Bryant Tyson Photography Greenville NC Photographer Session Fees FAQ frequently asked questions

Image found via Internet @ Photography by Carlie

The image above speaks for itself. It only shows color accuracy, professional print labs also offer different textures for images. There are tons of different papers and metals to choose from; e-surface, lustre, uv coating, metal, bamboo and even papers that are environmental friendly. These images will also last at least 200 years. You want to get the quality that you expect. Additionally, poor quality prints are not a great representation of my work and what I offer each and every one of my clients. I invest a lot of time in making sure your images are perfect and inviting clients to have them printed at poor photo print labs isn't going to represent that fairly. After fully understanding the difference in quality, I decided to put all of my focus into developing print products over only offering digital files. 

The answer is simple, I don't ONLY offer digital files, it leaves the client feeling unfulfilled about their investment. I offer limited digital files of the poses that you order during your Session Premiere when you order wall prints, albums, or custom portraits; your additional favorite digital files can be ordered thereafter. I understand that some people want their image files for sharing or want printed files for things like scrapbooking and don't want to spend money on professional prints to be cut up and glued to scrapbooking paper. I understand. I offer digital images that can be printed and shared in your own mobile app and gallery online, when you book the Signature or Classic Sessions. Also, you will notice that the more prints and products that you purchase, the cheaper the digital files. 

My main goal is to create custom fine art for your home and office that you can be proud of and that can be shared with your family and friends forever. I love designing wall arrangements for my clients and they love it as well!