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Happy Sunday!

I've been having a crazy few weeks. Between coaching my step team, finishing my last few boudoir sessions and attending photography workshops, I've been swamped with things to do. On top of which, we've encountered a second winter storm! However, I find that I enjoy being busy! I absolutely love having things to do. It forces me to be organized and feel important, I hate feeling stagnant. So with that said, I apologize for missing last weeks post.

I've been feeling stressed beyond control today. It's competition week for my step team and I've fallen far behind on their show due to school being closed during the two winter storms we've experienced. Here it is, 3 days before our basketball halftime performance and 6 days before competition and I only have 4 minutes of the show taught. Usually during practice week we're just doing last minute adjustments and run throughs of the show. That's not the case this week and I'm beyond nervous. After worrying myself until the point where I felt weak, I had to collect my thoughts and stop worrying myself to death. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm big on quotes and that I believe messages are revealed to you when they are supposed to be. I began scrolling through my Facebook News Feed when I came across a video message that one of my former students posted. He said, "You, my friend, are freaking awesome". He wasn't directly talking to me, but that message spoke to me and got me motivated. I was able to pick myself up and continue working. I'm so thankful that God was able to move through him to speak to me without speaking directly to me... does that make sense. Lol.

I'm excited for this week. I know it's crunch time, but I believe in my team and I believe that they will pull together and focus this week. It's not about winning, it's about going out and showing how hard we worked. I'm so excited!

Until next time,

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