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Welcome To My Sunday Muse

Happy Sunday, everyone!

This marks the first post of a series of weekly posts that I’ve decided to do. I love blogging so much and I always have the urge to post, but I never have anything to write about. So I’ve decided to start My Sunday Muse. I’m challenging myself to think outside of the box and post about whatever my mind leads me to write. These posts will be about things that I am inspired by or just any random thoughts and opinions I have. My mind is a pretty complicated place so I’m using this as an opportunity to share my thoughts with others and possibly spark interesting conversation. Welcome to My Sunday Muse!
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"The two most important days in your life is the day you are born and the day you find out why" - Mark Twain

I fully believe that we are put here [on earth] for a reason. Everyone has his or her own personal journey and purpose in life, and nothing is more beautiful than the revelation of why.

Obviously, there are small reasons we exist (to learn and experience love, build our families, etc.) which are all extremely important, but why are we really here? What is our journey and purpose in life? Well, I believe I’m here to experience happiness through others and preserve their memories.

I remember the day that I fell in love with photography forever. Now, I’ve always loved photography. I began shooting in high school during my Senior Project, which is a project where high school seniors pick to learn something that they’re interested in but have never done before. I chose photography, and it was the best decision of my life. After I finished, I had a heightened appreciation for photography, but neglected to shoot during my years in college. My best friend, Stephanie (from Stephanie H. | Grad Session), asked me to do a few shots of her in her cap and gown for her Undergrad graduation announcements. I was excited because it gave me an opportunity to shoot again. I didn’t have a DSLR camera at the time, so I grabbed her point and shoot and did the best I could. This was my first “session”. It wasn’t until I saw her reaction to her photos that I fell in love with photography. She encouraged me to continue to shoot, so I began to take my talent more seriously and invested in Bryant Tyson Photography.

I love seeing the reactions my clients give me after seeing their images for the first time. I love how they light up when I present their wall products or custom prints. Knowing that I’ve preserved their memories for their entire lifetimes and beyond satisfies me and makes me so happy. 

There are events in life that brings out our passions and desires. Sometimes we just wake up and find them. Sometimes we have to jump out on a limb and try something new to find out what they are. Find what makes you happy and do that. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or how they view the practicality, just do it.

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