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Hello everyone, 
Today's post is a relatively short one. I have so much going on this week. I've been busy shooting my Valentine's Day Boudoir sessions and though they've been incredibly fun, post-processing has been a bit time consuming given the volume of sessions I've shot. However, I'm enjoying every minute of it. 
So let's get to the point. I came across the following quote and it inspired me to delve a bit further in and to think about how it relates to my life. 
"Love dies only when growth stops" - Pearl S. Buck

Naturally, the first thing I thought about was my career. How much would my love for photography really change if I reached a point where I was no longer growing? That's simple, I would become complacent and become miserable. In an industry that's constantly changing, it's important that you're continuously studying, reading, attending workshops and seeking inspiring new ideas for sessions. That's important in any business. Through educating myself I've learned so much about running my business, unique ways to get clients to feel comfortable during their sessions, using the available light to create stunning photos and simply learning my camera.

Take a look at how much I've improved since I've started shooting.

Bryant Tyson Photography Greenville NC Photographer Headshot head shot my sunday muse growth
The picture on the left is of my niece, Kaylah (from Happy Turkey Day post... I knew she wouldn't mind me using her as an example. =]). That image was taken in June of 2011. The image on the right was taken in June of 2013. 

As you can see, over those two years, I've grown tremendously. I think it's extremely important in any business that you keep educating yourself and reading. It's too easy to grow complacent.

Growth in our careers only scrape the tip of the iceberg of things that require growth. What are some other areas that are important to you? Comment below. 

Until next time,
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