Headshots for Kweisi

I'm a lover of all things performing arts and business -- and most of my clients who have booked me for headshots are either dancers, performers, instructors, or business owners. So needless to say, I always get super excited when someone contacts me to do headshots! 

I think it's so great to be able to have an amount of passion about your talent or your career to pursue it and to take the steps to make your dreams a reality. There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than to wake up everyday excited about what it is that you do.

Meet Kweisi

Kweisi lives here in Greenville, NC and he's a aspiring actor! He's so talented. I've had the opportunity to not only work with him to capture his headshots, but I've also been contacted to do some video work for him as well. 

It's remarkable how much he transforms when given the chance. He's very quiet and to himself but when he's performing, he does just that... effortlessly.

Since the first time we've worked together, I've become close with his family. They're all so very dynamic. They're some of the most kind and humble people that I've had to pleasure to meet. His mom, Stephanie keeps me updated on all of Kweisi's (and his younger sister who you'll meet later) auditions and castings. 

I'm so excited to see where his talents will take him! Kweisi, I wish you the very best in your future. It's bright. Check out some of his headshots below!