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I am so excited, I can barely type right now. It's been a heck of a year but I can truly say it's been a blast! Last spring, when I put out my call for Class of 2016 models, I only expected a few seniors to apply and I just KNEW I would be accepting them all. So it came as quite a shock when application after application after application came through my inbox. I was truly surprised. Right before judging, I had 47 applications.

Although I would have loved to accept that many seniors, I knew I had to narrow it down. I chose 18 Models for the Class of 2016. Quite the leap from the five girls that I had last year.

Since I started my Senior Model program I wanted to not only get the chance to capture this amazing time in each of the senior's lives, I wanted to create an exciting program that will get every senior pumped about their last year of school. I decided to give them the opportunity to show off who they are and what makes them unique in their individual sessions and in a group styled photo shoot. I knew this would give me the opportunity to step outside of my box and create amazing images for the seniors. 

If you can remember, last year's 50's inspired photo shoot was amazing! This year I decided that instead of doing one huge shoot, I could do a bunch of small shoots! I love the creativity that goes into planning a styled shoot so I was super excited to approach my first one of the year. 

Class of 2016 Senior Models | The Heist Inspired Senior Portraits | Bryant Tyson Photography | Greenville NC Photographer
Greenville NC Photographer | Class of 2016 Senior Models | The Heist Inspired Senior Portraits | Bryant Tyson Photography

I got together with a local makeup artist here in Greenville NC, Anayley O of Lux Beauty by Anayley, to plan this shoot. I was actually inspired less than a week before the shoot while watching The Unsual Suspects. It was my first time seeing the movie and I was sold.

I started thinking... all black fashion, edgy, bold makeup, modern hairstyles and up-do's. I wanted it all. Now, I didn't want these girls out here robbing a bank so I decided to shift the focus on all black fashion, simplicity, and modern looks. There were so many things I wanted to incorporate so I created this pinterest board to help me narrow it down a bit.

Once I shared my ideas with Anayley, she was sold! We began working. On the day of the shoot, I was so pumped. I literally had so much energy because as Anayley was doing makeup, I started to see my vision come to life. I didn't expect it to be executed as flawlessly. She's so amazing. I am so thankful to have worked with such an amazing and sweet person!

Greenville NC Photographer | Class of 2016 Senior Models | The Heist Inspired Senior Portraits | Bryant Tyson Photography

Once the makeup was on and the girls were dressed, we headed Downtown... well... Uptown Greenville NC for our session. Jharnell and Kaylah were amazing! I had the opportunity to photograph them both last summer for their senior portraits ( Jharnell's Senior Portraits / Kaylah's Senior Portriats ). They kept me laughing, or I kept them laughing, whatever way... we all were laughing and I was convinced this would be the happiest heist to ever exist, but the photos came out even better than I anticipated. Check them out.

Thank you so much Anayley for believing in my dream and working with me, your work is amazing and I'm looking forward to an amazing partnership. Thank you Xavier for being an amazing brother / behind the scenes photographer. Thank you Kaylah and Jharnell for toughing it out in the cold with me and putting up with my corny jokes. You both slayed this session. I'm so blessed to have an amazing circle. 

Can't wait until the next one. One day, several more to go. 😱


Leather Jacket // Forever 21
White Shirt // Wishful Park
Black Ripped Jeans // Mossimo
Black Dress // Forever 21
Black Booties // New Direction
Boots // Forever 21
Bracelet // Rocksbox


Black Dress // Forever 21
Black Jeans // Forever 21
Black Boots // Wild Diva
Black Trench Coat // Black Rivet
Gold Earrings // Rocksbox

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