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A Little Goes A Long Way

As most of you know, I would give the shirt off of my back if I could. I'm a huge advocate of giving to those in need. Last week, a friend of mine asked me to share a GoFundMe Campaign with my friends on Facebook. One of her friends is going through a tough time. Without even asking, I immediately shared the campaign with my friends list. I then clicked over to read more about the campaign and it truly touched me.

the stewart aid fund
the stewart aid fund
For the past four years of my life, my family has gone through turmoil just as any other family, but I know my family cannot bear the weight that has been placed upon them anymore.
My name is William Stewart. I am currently a second year law student living off of off credit cards, financial aid, and friends. My mother has been disabled since 2009, in and out of the hospital since then going through 3 heart attacks, 4 strokes, and a coma. She is now paralyzed on the left side of her body and is confined to a wheelchair. Her medicine cost almost as much as her disability checks from the state. My father is a retired veteran who is disabled as well and is looking to many sources for some type of income but has been completely unsuccessful. He has not worked for almost two years now. My older sister, her husband, and my nephew all stay with my parents. While they both work, their savings has been drained out trying to assist my parents in keeping their house, vehicles, and other living expenses. Thus, they are living check-to-check as well.
Now for the past month, their house has been on the brink of being foreclosed on. In order to keep the house, they need atleast $8000 by the 14th of October. Their bills are all behind and their accounts are all in the negative. I keep enough just to pay my bills monthly and give my father gas money to take my mother to her doctor's appointments every week. My vehicle was repossessed and now I have no way of getting around or to school. I have friends who are willing to help, but it is such a burden to place on others. My car will be auctioned off this Friday (October 3rd) because we do not have $2000 to get the car back.
Everything that happened was unforeseen (at least to my knowledge). My pride as a man is broken because I cannot take care of or assist in the care of the people who took care of me. I am applying for part-time work, but with the work and schedule from law-school and other obligations, it is a stretch that someone will take a chance on me. I am just asking that you find it in your heart to help in any way possible.
I don't seek pity from anyone, but I humbly ask you to please help even if that means in your prayers. It's a situation that many of us have, but I am trying to find ways to help as much as I can and this is one of my last options.
Thank you

Earlier this year, I took to GoFundMe to seek donations to repair my camera. Reading this story brought me back to how amazing you all were to me. William is selflessly seeking donations to help alleviate some of the burden that's been placed on his family. I can only imagine what they're going through right now. 

You all were so amazing to me by donating when I was faced with potentially losing my business. Visit his GoFundMe Campaign and donate, every little bit helps. Even if you can't donate monetarily, all I ask is that you take a few moments to send up a few prayers of strength for their family as they face these challenging times.

Thank you all in advance.

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