Candid Women, Inc is Live


After overcoming a battle with domestic violence, suffering a pulmonary embolism, and being diagnosed with Lupus — Jose Taylor decided that it was time to launch Candid Women, Inc. Jose recognized the obstacles that she's faced in her life and saw the power in sharing her story. She also realized that women all over the world are hurting and needed a platform for women to connect and share their stories as well. It's mission is to uplift and empower women from all walks of life. 

I loved working with Jose to bring her vision to life. Once she shared the vision with me, I was immediately drawn to it because I believe that there is a calling on her life to create this platform to spark change in the world, to break barriers, and to let everyone know it's absolutely normal to face adversity, but the power lies in how you overcome it. We wanted to create a home for Candid Women that was elegant and powerful, bright and vibrant. After designing the first issue of her magazine, StrongSheIs, I knew exactly what to do with the site.

My goal was to keep the design super clean and simple, but to add pops of color to add vibes that mirror Jose's personality!


Jose, thank you so much for inviting me into your life to help make your dream come true! It's truly a blessing and I'm so excited for you and to see Candid Women, Inc and StrongSheIs Magazine grow!