UnFit Live Sessions with J.Lynn

I don't think there's a single word or phrase of words that can express how excited I am to FINALLY share this with everyone.

I've literally been holding on to this footage for 2 months now and if you know me, when I'm excited about something I can't hold it, so I've been itching to share this, like I didn't even share this with my momma... and she sees everything I shoot!

I was excited not only because it's my work but because this opportunity and experience was truly amazing.

I got the chance to film a Live set for my super talented friend, J.Lynn. She released her very first EP, Finding Me, a few months back and when she contacted me about wanting film her Live set, I died three time. Of course I would.

I am a HUGE fan of Live Sessions. I first fell in love with them back when Lauryn Hill released her MTV Unplugged, it's been an obsession ever since. It's a large portion of my YouTube watch history. It's something just so powerful and intimate about those performances that literally gives me chills. J.Lynn's session was that and so much more.

Those musicians truly left me speechless. They got me wanting to pick up on the keys again or dust off my horn and play around a little. Seeing my friend in her element, doing what she loves, sharing her talent, and giving her all in performance literally makes me tear up. I'm so proud and so happy to see her living her dreams.

Thank you so much guys for allowing me to be a part of this entire experience. I'm just so full! Be sure to subscribe to J.Lynn's channel.

Bryant Tyson