Zana W | Class of 2016 | East Carolina University Senior Portraits

It's so amazing getting to get out to meet new people. It's even more amazing to get out to meet new people and find that you have so much in common. As I walked up to greet Zana, she immediately gave me a huge smile and a warm welcome. I knew from that moment, that our session together would be amazing.

East Carolina University Class of 2016 | Greenville NC Senior Portriat Photography | Bryant Tyson Photography

Zana is a Public Health major from Lincolnton, North Carolina. Not only is she super beautiful, but she's such a kind person as well! After the first few clicks of my shutter, I showed her a few of the photos on the back of my camera and she said, "... wow! I look so presentable!" I laughed so hard! 

As we continued our session, we got to talk more and more and I found that we are pretty much the same. We both love to laugh, we're both pretty awkward in social situations (even though we hide it well), and we both love people. I even later found out that, "her spirit is made up of glitter!" Now... My spirit isn't made up of glitter, but mine is equally as awesome!

Congratulations Zana, you've worked so hard and you deserve this moment! Good luck as you take on your Grad Program at NC State! I can't wait to come get some photos of you in your hood! You're amazing.