Poetry + Spoken Word Part II

Roses Results Event Planning + Bryant Tyson Photography | Poetry + Spoken Word Pt II

It's funny how God positions us exactly where we need to be, at the time we need to be there.

Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the beautiful and insanely talented, Zawadi. She's a Class of 2016 Senior at FCHS and also one of my senior models.

During our session, I got to speak with her mother, Rose, about so many things. She's incredibly wise, humble, and has such a beautiful spirit. We began talking about our dreams and she mentioned wanting to launch a Event Planning business. I was so excited for her because it's always so amazing to see people wanting to take the steps to live out their dreams.

I know when I was starting my business I had an immense amount of fears, but I pushed all of them aside because my dreams were far greater than the idea of failure. I encouraged her to continue and not let anything get in the way.

When I saw her first few posts on Facebook about her new business, I was super excited! She did it!!!

I had the opportunity to be a vendor at one of her events this past Friday and I can only say one thing..., "IT. WAS. AH-MAZ-ING!" I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of the Spoken Word Artist and dancers perform. 

I've always been such a huge fan of the arts. It's so great to see God using these amazing artist to minister through their talents. Whenever I wasn't at my table, I was getting a few photos, so here are some of my favorites.

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