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An iPhone Hack To Make Your Charger Last Longer

I've been an iPhone user since the third generation iPhones came out some years ago. Yes... I had the iPhone 3G! Wow... that was so long ago. Ugh... there I go putting my age out there again 🙈. It took one single investment into a iOS device and I was hooked! I haven't turned back since. They are so simple to use, keep me super organized in both my personal and business lives, go hand-in-hand with my Macbook Pro and iPad, and... let's not forget that we're always the FIRST to have all (well... most) of the newest apps. 

As much as I love my iOS devices, there's one thing that I absolutely despise (hate is such a strong word... 😡😂)... How easy it is to break the chargers.

I don't know if it's just my bad luck, but I go through iPhone chargers almost every 3-4 months. It's like they have minds of their own. It's like being forced into a relationship during cuffing season. Everything starts out all great, you enjoy each other's time together, make it through hours and hours of conversations, and spend every day together then one day it has a change of heart and leaves you wondering "what had happened." 

Don't feel bad. It's happened to me too. That is until I discovered this DIY hack that will keep the fire in your relationship... I mean charger, burning for a lot longer. Thank you to the wonderful Mattie James over on the Mattieologie blog for sharing The DIY That Will Make Your iPhone Charger Last! I wanted to share my new charger with you and inspire you to keep your charger alive! It's so easy, I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before. 

An iPhone Charger Hack That Will Make Your Charger Last | Bryant Tyson Photography -

What You Need

Your iPhone Charger
I highly highly highly recommend an official Apple Charger, I've found that other third-party chargers don't last quite as long, and after a few weeks you'll start getting the "this accessory isn't made for this device" message. Apple power cables are made specifically for their devices, meaning, you'll get the right amount of juice to optimize your battery life. 

Embroidery Thread
I bought 5 bundles of the 8.7 yard DMC brand thread, and I only used three bundles on my charger — one in each color. Think about what colors you want and the pattern you want to use and estimate.

Of course to cut the thread.

A Pen (or sharpie)
To mark where your colors will change. 

This is a super easy project but it's a bit time-consuming. It took me exactly an hour, so put on your favorite movie, TV show, or spark up Netflix and let's get started. 

An iPhone Charger Hack That Will Make Your Charger Last | Bryant Tyson Photography -

Decide on your pattern then measure, or if you're anything like me... guestimate, where you want your colors to change. Use your pen to mark those off on your cord.

Take your first color and tie it tightly around the very end of your charger, begin to wrap it neatly around your cord. Be sure not to overlap your wraps or it will look uneven and lumpy at the end... that is unless you're trying to create some weird texture... in which case, "do you!" 

An iPhone Charger Hack That Will Make Your Charger Last | Bryant Tyson Photography -

Continue to wrap until you get to your first mark. Here is where you will be changing colors. Snip your working thread off about an inch and lie it flat on the unwrapped charger. Tie your second color around the charger and excess thread and keep on wrapping to cover the excess thread. 


Tip: To keep your cord out of the way, wrap your thread and flip the cord out of the way. It helps so much.


Do this until you reach your second mark, then your third mark, all the way until you reach the end of your cord. When you get to the end, simply cut your working yarn and tie it tightly around the end of your cord. I knotted mine twice to ensure it won't unravel.

An iPhone Charger Hack That Will Make Your Charger Last | Bryant Tyson Photography -

This is seriously the best thing that's ever happened to me. When I finished I couldn't believe how sturdy and durable my charger felt. You should try it. Thank you so much Mattie for sharing this!

Have you tried this out? Share your photos in the comments section and SHARE!

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