Navy and Burgundy — #BTPFF

If you follow the itsBryant blog (my blog that's centered around helping you turn what you love into a business) then you'd know all about my huge labor day epiphany. Pretty much, I've decided to start a few new blog series to get you all pumped and inspired!

I'm super excited to launch Bryant Tyson Photography Fashion Fridays, or #BTPFF! If you remember, I created #WTWW's last year... it just didn't work out. At the time I was so excited about it, but I hadn't really put any thought into how to make it mine. It seemed like something that every other fashion blogger was doing and I wanted to create something different. 

I love fashion but one of the toughest aspects for me is figuring out colors, well that is until I figured out an easy system that pretty much eliminated the whole issue. With each of my design clients, I create inspiration and color boards for their sites and their branding. I see tons of designers doing that. Then I thought... hmmm... this works for web design, why can't it work for fashion as well. 

So... that's what #BTPFF is all about. Every other week I'll be sharing my fashion color design boards to give you ideas on what you should wear for your photo shoots, a night out, date night, or just everyday wear. 

Welcome to #BTPFF

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I'm in huge like with this color combination this week, and I discovered it by complete accident.

I attended a wedding for the first time in a long time last weekend as a guest, so I needed something to wear. I went shopping the day before (because I procrastinate so much) to try to find something. Well, I did, but only after I bought some things that I didn't need... at all! One of those things included a burgundy v-neck t-shirt from the Gap. 

I had to... they had a huge sale and it was only $5. I definitely wasn't leaving without it.

I paired it with my navy over-the-knee shorts, my favorite loafers, and a tan mailboy hat and it made for the perfect Labor Day outfit. I promise, next time that I'll take photos in something that I wear. 

This color combination is perfect for a casual day, a walk in the park, when you're in the par, or a night out. Try it out this weekend! 

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