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Quick Tip To Making Industry Friends + Build Online Relationships

Photo via Unsplash // Thomas Brault

Photo via Unsplash // Thomas Brault

When I first launched my business and started blogging, I had no one. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Not a Soul... you get my point. 😂. I felt so alone. I had so many questions, so many things that I needed advice on, and I just wanted someone to keep me motivated with an, "I understand, Bryant. I've been there before. It's going to be ok!" 

I felt like I couldn't reach out to my other friends who were photographers for fear of competition, and I was miserable. I was happy to have this new business, but I had no one to share it with who understood exactly what I was going through. It's so important, regardless of what industry you're in, to have someone to talk to, or vent to, or just someone give you encouraging words because they've been through the same thing.

When I started blogging, almost two years after I launched my business, I realized that that little voice in the back of your head that tells you, "Self, you need to have it all together or people are going to laugh at you!" is a blatant liar, honestly! I started doing my research on increasing engagement on your posts and discovered that it's important to reach out to others first. 

I had my first "AHA!" moment. The reason that I was miserable was because of me!

Let someone know that you're watching and you love their work

I said all of that to say this... Reach out to that blogger that you love who always has great content, reach out to that photographer who is killing it in your area, reach out to that underwater basketweaver who is underwater and basketweaving like there is no tomorrow and say, "I love your work, keep it up... homie!". Nothing feels better than knowing that you're doing a great job and that someone is enjoying your content or work! 

Engage with others on social media, comment their photos, like their posts, and I promise you'll get the same in return. If you like something they've posted or their opinions -- let them know by telling them. Show them that you share a common interest, or view point. 

I knew my friend Amanda of Amanda Brendle Photography before she launched her business. It wasn't until I stepped out of my shell that I finally fostered a professional relationship with her as well! I was able to connect with Rekita Nicole on her blog, Valla on her blog, Brii and her photography, and so many others. 

So let someone know that you love their stuff by commenting, liking their posts, sending genuine emails to them, and watch how your life and your business will change. You'd be surprised what friendships will grow from a simple word of encouragement.

Bryant Tyson