Zawadi | Farmville Central High School - Class of 2016

Spotlight on Zawadi


Zawadi is a Senior at Farmville Central High School in Farmville, NC. She is also a student at Katura Dance Academy in Greenville, NC! During her free time, Zawadi also volunteers at Vidant Medical Hospital here in Greenville, NC as well. After her senior year - Zawadi plans to attend East Carolina University to major in dance. She wants to become a professional dancer. 

I think she's already there! Zawadi is super talented. I've had the opportunity to see her dance for several years now while I was an instructor at Katura, and her talent is truly amazing. She's so very passionate about her craft. You can see her dancing in the video that I filmed for Kennedy a few weeks back! I was so excited to be able to capture her senior portraits! 


What advice would you give to the upcoming freshmen class?

DON'T PROCRASTINATE! Know who your real friends are because you're gonna need some. Work as hard as possible because your success freshman year depends a lot on your success of your whole high school experience. And most of all stay close to God!

How have you changed since freshman year? 

I matured a lot and I've also been through a lot since then, so I've built some very thick skin.


What would you do if you won a $50,000,000 lottery?

Tithe, give some to The St. Jude's Children's Hospital, give some to my dance studio, pay off my mom's bills, and take all the dance classes that I could. I'd save the leftovers.


Who has been your biggest inspiration and how?

Well, I have two people. Kimberly Jones and Kennedy Hill because they're both a great representation of chasing your dreams and doing what you love. They've helped me grow as a dancer and as a person.

Thank you so much Zawadi, for allowing me to capture your senior year! I'm so glad that you loved your photos and I know you're going to accomplish every single thing that you set out to do! You're going to be a phenomenal dancer, keep the passion that you have for the craft and it will take you far. Have an amazing senior year!