Quality Time With My Niece

I have a bunch of nieces and nephews! I am the youngest of all of my siblings... and not just by a few years, I'm younger by many many moons. MANY moons! So I was an uncle before I was even born. I love all of my babies so much. 

Earlier this month while celebrating one of my niece's birthday, my niece Kimora showed interest in photography. She started asking questions about my camera, it's parts, and what functions all of the buttons had. She's 10 years old and her attention span isn't the greatest so I was shocked to find that she was actually listening and even reiterated some of the information back to me. 

I eventually let her pick up my spare camera (heavens knows I'm not trusting her with my new baby right now, I don't even trust myself with that camera body) and shoot a few photos. I showed her how to hold it, how to zoom with the kit lens, and how to use the focus ring. The auto focus on my spare is busted so it forced her to focus manually! Now, none of her photos came out sharp at all. They were all out of focus, partially due to how excited she was to press the shutter -- but she kept trying. 

Then she asked, "Uncle B? Can I have this camera?" 

"Absolutely not!", I replied almost instantaneously. She walked away with her puppy eyes hoping I would change my mind.

There was no way that I was letting her have the camera at this point, because she's still very irresponsible and carefree with her stuff. However, I made up my mind to take her out to shoot and learn a little more. I made up mental lesson plans and all.

I believe firmly that when a child shows interest in something, then they should be able to explore that skill. None of my other nieces and nephews have asked to learn, so I believe there's something special in her interest. 

We went out and we had so much fun. She claims I never do anything with her, I guess our movie and Coldstone dates aren't enough. -_-

Canon t4i with EF-S 18-55mm kit lens
Kimora learning the art of photography
Teaching my niece to shoot photos in Greenville North Carolina
Greenville North Carolina photography

She's Learning In Full Manual Mode

I'm not letting her even think about using any of the Auto camera modes. I'm going to teach her how to adjust for exposure, play around with the aperture, ISO, and shutter speeds later on... I did all of the adjusting for that this time. I just wanted to get her to have tact sharp focusing.

It's so great that the auto focus on the spare camera isn't working, because I think it's important for anyone who's learning photography to learn how to actually use the camera and not make the camera do all of the work. I'll eventually look into getting it fixed for her but for now it's just fine. 

I'm considering letting her get a blog where she can share the photos that she's taking and to see her progress. I think she'll really like that. It'll also be great to get her writing! I have my reservations though, because the internet is very dangerous, so I'm on the fence. 

Anywho, until then, I'll be sharing all of her photos here. Check out these. I was goofing around in some of these and I may actually use a few of her photos of me on my about page! 

I made her a little logo for her photos

Call to Action

What do you think? Do you think I should allow her to start a blog? I think it would be amazing to see what she can do, but I'm on the fence. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

I made her a little logo for her photos!

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