St. Paul's Episcopal Wedding : Vivian + Michael

On a sweltering hot August day, amongst the near 300 members of the East Carolina University Marching Band, he was introduced to her -- a freshman mellophone player who was excited and nervous about her first day of band camp. They didn't utter many words, only an occasional "hi" and "how's it going?" in passing -- but as the semester came to a close and a new one began, they got to know each other more and more. 

He was interested and asked her out on a date, she politely declined. He asked again and to his dismay, got the same result. As the old cliché goes, "the third time's the charm", she finally agreed to accompany him to dinner and a movie. That conversation in the old Italian charm of the Olive Garden restaurant changed the trajectory of their lives forever. 

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"So, what would you like for an appetizer?" 

She paused and replied with modesty, "Oh! No, appetizers are expensive, you don't have to do that." 

He looked up from his menu and said, "... nothing is too expensive for a woman who is priceless!"

He was right. She was beautiful, intelligent, caring, and everything he could wish for. He was funny, charismatic, charming, and romantic. It was easy for them to fall in love, they fit each other like a glove. 

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greenville nc engagement photos bryant tyson

It was the the Fourth of July -- Michael, Vivian, Ghost (their pup baby) and Vivian's parents were out to see the fireworks. He thought he'd seize the perfect, romantic moment and surprised Vivian. He told her to hold the dog's leash so that he could get something from his pocket, she obliged without thinking twice. He sank to his knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She effortlessly and cheerfully agreed.

It was befitting to get married a few skips away from where they first met. Vivian and Michael invited their close family and friends to St. Paul's Episcopal Church here in Greenville, NC to witness their love and "I do's" and to share a bit of the enchanting force that brought them together. 

Vivian and Michael, I'm so honored to have been there to capture your day. It was flawlessly flawless and I'm so happy for you both. You mean the world to me. Michael you've been a phenomenal friend over the years and I'm so thankful to know someone as generous and jovial as you. Vivian, you're simply beautiful,  amazing, and kind-hearted and I'm honored to call you a brother and friend. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, stay true to your love and everything else will fall in place! With appreciation, Bryant!

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Their Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding was simply perfect! The cake topper was adorned with the quote from the movies' theme song, "A tale as old as time!" 

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Vivian was so nervous, yet so beautiful!

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"C'mon babe! We have some honeymoonin' to do!"