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Stop Making Excuses + Just Do It

If I let an excuse stop me from following my dreams, where would I be?

Somewhere miserable, resenting everyone, jealous of the successes of others, and constantly questioning myself and my purpose.

I've had so many conversations with people who want to start their own businesses but don't simply because they don't know where to start, or they're afraid of putting themselves out there to fail. Quite honestly, I firmly believe the only way that a business can fail is if an owner allows an unfortunate situation scare them into giving up their passions. 

"If they throw you to the wolves, return leading the pack!" You learn from your mistakes, fix the issues, fight for your passion, and come back stronger than ever. It just takes a bit of hard work and regrouping but anything is possible. 

I can't count how many times I've made poor decisions since I've started Bryant Tyson Photography. I even broke my camera, didn't have any insurance, wasn't sure if I could replace it, but I made it work for me and kept my fight! It's made me so much more passionate about my craft.

So stop making excuses and start doing what makes you happy.