The Struggle Is All Too Real

I'm not perfect. 

*looks around at all the faces that aren't surprised* XD

I do, however, feel the need to be some times. Honestly, that thought alone is completely insane. I think that we live in time where everyone feels the need to want to share and measure their success in tangible/material objects.

We take to "tha 'Gram" or to our other social media accounts to share photos of our new Apple Watches, our new cars, homes, and to talk about how "#blessed" we are to be able to get these new possessions (thank you Jasmine Star for that piece). Very seldom do we see real stories about our day to day struggles. 

Well, we ALL have them. Every day when you're walking down the street, everybody that you meet has something that they're struggling with. *cues Arthur theme song* 

These past few weeks, I've been struggling with procrastination. I've been working on planning a blogging workshop that has taken a serious backseat over the past few months. I felt so burdened with the planning process that I put it off completely. I sat down with a friend on Saturday, after feeling overwhelmed, and she was able to talk me out of my funk and get me back motivated and ready to go!

Whether it be financial, relationship, or something internal -- we all have struggles. We all feel an overwhelming sense of pressure because we take those struggles, keep them to ourselves, and let them percolate their way into our psyche and literally tear us down. 

I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I'm guilty of making it seem as if everything is one big slice of Awesome Pie -- when honestly, it's not! I have moments when I want to give up on my dreams and get a 9 to 5, I have moments when I'm a complete jerk, and I have things going on that aren't what you think someone at the age of 25 should be dealing with. But it's happening and it's me. 

I'm not saying we should go into the street screaming and singing our troubles to the world, I am saying that it's simply not healthy to hold on to all of those things. Find someone, or a group of some ones to share your struggles with -- you honestly never know who has gone through the same thing or who has a feasible solution/advice to help you overcome those struggles. 

People make better connections with those who they are able to relate to. Let's be honest, sharing photos of our new Ferrari's isn't going to make a lasting relationship -- that's just not real.

We should start embracing our faults, struggles, AND our successes! Let's start sharing those things with each other to build a better happy.