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Designing My Studio - Day Four

More like Day 44... 

I'm so very ready to get this place done! I've been slowly working on putting everything together -- primarily because I just hadn't expected that it would be this much of an investment to decorate a space. College had me a bit spoiled -- all of my apartments have come completely furnished up until this point. 

Although it's not fully furnished yet, I'm officially in and I'm enjoying every minute. I finally got my desk. I wanted to hand make most of my furniture myself, but I caved in and bought a desk! I saw it online and had to have it. I'm slightly regretting not checking IKEA before buying this one, but such is life. I put it together effortlessly until I got to the drawer. I used the wrong nails so that handle isn't flush against the drawer.

I've got some of my wall art up, a chair for the area that I'll be using for my clients to come and view their portraits, and a bookcase that I bought to match the desk (the bookcase is the cheapest thing I've ever bought in life... Never again. I may actually go get a different one very soon!

Oh... and I scored big and found these old windows! I'm using one as a dry erase board and I'm making my cork inspiration board from the other one. 

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below! The next time I post it'll be the last one about me designing the studio.