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Designing My Studio - Day Two

Yesterday, I shared with you all that I am finally moving into my own studio and office. I'm so excited. I'm even more excited about making the place all mine. That means, decorating! 

Last night, I headed out with my friend Emily to go pick out paints and we also looked at some furniture. 

I guess I was a bit unrealistic about how much things cost but... yeah. I wasn't expecting to have to pay so much for furniture and decor. It's like everything that I like was super expensive and started at around $99.


I'm a big DIY type of guy. You know the type that thinks he can fix and do EVERYTHING? Yeah... that's me. So my vision is to hand make mostly everything in my space. Which may or may not save me a few dollars.

I blame Nicole Curtis on Rehab Addict for making me feel like I can salvage everything. Oh... and Pinterest for making me feel like I can do every single DIY project. I have so many big plans for my space but, we have to start by getting it painted first.

A Day Of Paint Swatches and Paint Supplies

It's been such a long day, today. Well... I guess not that long considering I woke up at 2 this afternoon.

Judge me not, I'm working a third shift part time job at a local independently owned hotel here in Greenville, NC. So needless to say, I'm slightly more than exhausted when I get off. 

I've been moving around from the time got up until this very moment. Here's a little how it went. 

I woke up at 2 PM, FINALLY rolled out of bed at 2:30, did a little cleaning around the house, showered, quickly dressed, and headed out with my mom to pick out paint for the studio.

I stopped by Walmart to get a few gallons of paint (I had a gift card and was trying to cut costs as much as possible). Of course, their mixing machine was broken. So I made my way over to Lowes.

I already had my mind set on a medium grey color, and had my shade picked out and everything before I went in. When faced with choices, I always... ALWAYS change my mind. I went with a completely different shade of gray. It has a small undertone of brown in it -- which was a risk because the wrong shade wouldn't blend in with my color scheme. 

Once I made the purchase and got over to the studio, I started to regret my decision but I figured it was too late. I started in what's going to be my office. I cleared it out, I had a few amazing friends come by to help me out, and we started painting.

I had no idea what so ever what I was doing.


Of course I wasn't just walking around taking pictures the whole time, I did my fair share of work as well.

After all of the hard work, doing our two-steps to Justin Timberlake, laughs, taping, complaining about sore hands and arms, and getting a little paint on the trim... we finally finished. It looks great!


All in all, day two was a success. I spent a little more than I had anticipated but, such is life. Lol! 

I'll be back at it again tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be a tad bit easier this time around.