A New Look For Me

Who ever said, "you can't rebrand after the new year?"...

Well, those rules just don't apply to me. xD! I woke up one day last week and decided that I'm overdue for a complete overhaul. It's been almost four years since I took the leap into owning Bryant Tyson Photography and it's been almost four years since I've rebranded myself. 

Of course I've gone through quite a few changes in my site design -- but my colors, services, and the overall feeling of my business has remained the same. I've changed so much over the last four years.... Heck, I've changed a lot in the past year. I wanted to create a different feeling, I wanted to show you all who I am now as opposed to the Bryant that I was four years ago. 

A few months back, I shot the Sigma Alpha Omega Semi Formal. I had so much fun. They requested a photo booth for their event, I must say... it was the first time that I've done a photo booth for a group of college students and... It. Was. AMAZING! I even joined in on some of the fun and had my photo taken as well. I feel in love with it simply because it captured who I truly am. Fun, goofy, kind, creative, and easy going.

"Fun. Goofy. Kind. Creative. Easy-Going."

I took those words and that picture of myself and built my new brand around it. Since I love fashion -- and I love shooting other fashion enthusiasts -- I incorporated elements of bold fashion into my design as well.

I couldn't be any more satisfied with what I came up with. My last design was missing my personality and honestly, that's the most important part of branding yourself.

Take a look at my design mood board and brand boards!

Inspiration Board


My New Brand