The Martinsborough — Greenville NC Wedding Reception : Natalie + Mark

Everyone entered the venue smiling from ear to ear. The Saturday evening sunlight poured through the windows and lit the entire room. Already married, they stood side by side as they greeted their guests in a warm embrace, smiling as only they know how.

You could literally feel the love in the room. They say that, "when someone else's happiness becomes your happiness, then you've found true love." It was very apparent that Mark had found the woman of his dreams, Natalie had found the guy who would have her heart forever.

Rustic Aqua Sea Wedding Decor | Martinsborough Wedding Reception - Greenville NC | Bryant Tyson Photography

I am so honored to have been able to capture such a beautiful reception. Natalie and Mark, I wish you a lifetime of stolen kisses, whispers in the ear, and dimpled smiles. You both are the personification of true love. Thank you for inviting me into your family and allowing me the opportunity to capture your special day!

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