No One Owes You Anything

It's ok to vent here, right? 

Well if not, I apologize in advance... but there are quite a few things that I need to get off of my chest. A ton of things, actually, but for today I'll stick to just one. 

I've been coaching for the last 5 years and each year I'm presented with a different obstacle. Some of which I overcome, others that fester and create even bigger issues. I accept all of those things, I love my kids dearly... but let's face it, there are times that they aggravate me beyond measure.

This year, there seems to be this revolving theme of "entitlement". My team this year feels that they are entitled to something. Now, they've been working hard and I won't take that away from them, but they feel like things will be handed to them and that they'll be successful without literally putting their blood, sweat, and tears into the craft.

They're amazing steppers, but quite honestly... they're lazy. In order to be the best, there are things that have to be done and there is an extreme amount of work that goes into that. I don't believe they're willing to put in that much work.

I remember my first year in business. I was so lost, I didn't have a mentor -- and I honestly expected to be able to pick up my camera, take a few photos, and people would be running to me to shoot their weddings and senior photos. Needless to say, it just didn't happen like that.

There were (and still are) nights that I've cried feeling like I wanted to give up, there were times where I felt like I should just quit and get a regular 9-5, and there are times when I -- quite frankly -- didn't believe that I was good enough. 

None of those things stopped me.

I pushed, I fought, I kicked, I screamed -- all to keep my dream alive. I've always known and believed that, "nothing worth having is easily obtainable", so I kept believing that one day my dreams will become a reality. 

Lessons that I've learned early on during my time in the performing arts (step team, theater tech, band, marching band) have helped me to realize those very things. Although I'm nowhere near where I'm going, those very lessons have helped me reach the level that I'm at now.

I want the very best for them. I love them as my own. I want them to be great. I want them to win. I want them to succeed. I just wish they wanted all of those things as well.

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