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I'm Bryant (like Kobe...) Tyson (like Mike...) 😂... and clearly I'm a little corny! I'm just a passionate and goofy photographer from Atlanta, although I currently live in Greenville, NC. I love helping people celebrate + own their moment forever through bold + vivid imagery. I'm a graduate of East Carolina University, a Beyoncé fan, a huge family guy, and a music head... that's about it. I want to know a little more about you!


Growing up, I was fascinated by magazines. Like, I literally collected them on my nightstand and would flip through for hours. My favorite part was reading the featured stories on some of my favorite celebrities. I wanted to be the kid in the magazine... and in a way my dream has come true. 

I've modeled my business after my love for magazines. Since launching BTP, my number one goal is to capture magazine worthy images while telling and cultivating the life stories of those who invest in my work. YOU! I wanted to recreate the excitement that I felt flipping through those magazines for everyone who steps foot in front of my lens.

“… capturing magazine worth images…”

God has blessed me with a craft that allows me to live out my dreams, I love every single part of what I do.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina — Bryant Tyson is an editorial and lifestyle wedding + portrait studio dedicated to celebrating the fashionable, trendsetting, and stylish individuals in Raleigh + Eastern NC.


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